Multichain on Raspberry Pi

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I saw earlier posts over a year old saying you can't install on a Rpi, but that you were thinking about it.

Is the problem the 32bit vs 64bit (Suse have released a 64bit version for Rpi 3 so if I need to I could try that) or the ARM vs x86 architecture?

Anyway, I tried to compile the multichain on a rpi3 (i.e. 32bit raspbian). It seemed to work (compiled with a few warnings) and the daemon started and connected to the chain. I was able to give its wallet permissions.

Now it does't seem to want to work. I get a 'Bus Error'.

Any ideas.

Thanks in advance
asked Jun 2, 2017 by cedmonds

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MultiChain's current source code base does compile for 32-bit architectures but it hasn't yet been debugged, as you saw.

If you can get a 64-bit OS running on the Raspberry Pi and compile MultiChain for ARM (little endian) I'd say it has a fair chance of working, but it's not something we can support.
answered Jun 3, 2017 by MultiChain
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I compiled Multichain for ARM7 (32bit). However, when I run it, I get the same error. Do you have any Idea to solve the "Bus Error" ?
answered Oct 13, 2017 by Varun
We know that MultiChain doesn't run right under 32-bit architectures. If you compile for 64-bit ARM, you have a better chance (but it's still currently unsupported).