Calling addmultisigaddress using Savoir

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What is the proper way to pass in the parameters for the addmultisigaddress api command to the multichain using Savoir in a Python script?

I'm currently passing in this:

api.addmultisigaddress(2, ['0241f53c7534e3beeb181fe6ecfc6478d88c7a425102cd672d764e89dec0be56db', '0276a87d946812612a79d45a141d9f2dd2ed767187b686f5bb97bb1088ef70fc38'] )

But getting a status code of 500 being returned. I've tried numerous other formats as well but none seem to work.
asked May 30, 2017 by anonymous

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To debug this kind of thing, you should add some debugging code into Savoir whereby it outputs the JSON-RPC request payload for you to see, and compare this to the payload shown by multichain-cli when successfully executed the addmultisigaddress command.

answered May 31, 2017 by MultiChain