Can Savoir python handle many request at same time?

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Hello guys,

I would like to ask a question related with MultiChain Json RPC performance.

I developed the python project with Savoir and run the performance test with 10 users and the delay between each request was 10 milliseconds. When I run this, the Multichain RPC does not respond it.

After that, I tried it with linux shell using multichain-cli, and the test run successfully.

What is the problem or solution for this case?

Is JSON RPC of Multichain possible to handle many requests at the same time?

Thank you,

asked Apr 26, 2017 by Tom

1 Answer

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You can send multiple requests simultaneously to the JSON-RPC API, although you should note that some of what happens behind the scenes doesn't run concurrently, so you won't see a full linear speedup.

Also note that multichain-cli is just a wrapper for the JSON-RPC API, so if that runs concurrently without problems, that means the issue is not with the API itself.

So I'm guessing this is some issue with Savoir/Python – hard to go into more detail than that.

answered Apr 27, 2017 by MultiChain