Partial local and partial online network

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I have the following requirements for a system, and an idea of how to implement this with MultiChain. But i'm unsure if this will work as expected.

- I have a local system of nodes. Those nodes are being used to handle payment transactions. Those nodes are connected to each other most of the time. (some failure can of course always happen). But connection to the internet is not stable.

- I have a few nodes in the cloud. Those nodes will be used to handle a few transactions (assume only 5% of the total transactions) and are used for monitoring and analytics of all other transactions.

How should mining work in this case? Of course i want the transaction reliability to be as high as possible. Is it wise to mine on the local and online network? or may this result in two forks that could cause a problem?

How do i set up syncing between the local pool and the online pool?
asked May 22, 2017 by Robert

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First, you should connect all the nodes together in a single blockchain, so that even if there is some downtime of nodes or connections, they will all automatically reconnect and catch up with each other. And there's no extra setup for syncing - it will happen automatically.

I would recommend performing the mining on the nodes which are most reliably online and connected to each other – presumably this means those in the cloud. Bear in mind that the system will keep running fine so long as at least (mining-diversity * number-of-permitted-miners) of the permitted miners are online and connected to each other. So depending on your parameters, you can perform some mining in the local network as well.

answered May 23, 2017 by MultiChain