Multichain in Kubernetes

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I have deployed a master node in Kubernetes and I can join external (to the K8s cluster) client nodes, for instance, using Windows.

However, when I try to issue commands from the clients, and even from the master, I start to see lots of warning logs about massive peers and eventually the commands are not executed.

I presume everything is about the internal port openings that happen as part of the communication between nodes (the ports in the range of 30000 that I notice in the logs):

mchn: Sending minimal parameter set to

Therefore, can you please let me know if these ports are configurable or can be somehow identified, so I can figure out how to manage them between inside and outside nodes to the K8s cluster?



asked Feb 13, 2019 by emedina

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The port 36906 appears to be the outgoing port that was used by the other node to connect to this node and is not configurable. However you can control the incoming ports opened by nodes for both peer-to-peer and API requests using the default-network-port and default-rpc-port blockchain parameters, as well as the port and rpcport runtime parameters on individual nodes.

answered Feb 14, 2019 by MultiChain
In fact, I do configure those ports:

    default-network-port = 8099             # Default IP port to use for peer-to-peer communications between nodes (can be overridden by each node using the port runtime parameter).
    default-rpc-port = 8570                 # Default IP port to use for JSON-RPC calls to multichaind (can be overridden by each node using the rpcport runtime parameter).

And I do make them match the runtime parameters on individual nodes.
OK. Can you please provide more information from the logs with the exact problem?