Multisig address with privkeys not imported

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Hi there, is it possible to create a multisig address between a node address (whos private keys is in the wallet) and another address which private key is not imported on that wallet?


asked May 20, 2017 by maxidev

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Yes, when using the addmultisigaddress or createmultisig APIs to create a multisignature address, you can pass a list of public keys, whose private keys are not necessarily in the wallet. A public key is different from an address (which is a hashed version of a public key). You can obtain the public key for an address in a wallet using the validateaddress API, or getaddresses or listaddresses with verbose=true.

answered May 22, 2017 by MultiChain
Ok but will I be able to use signrawtransaction when this 2-of-2 multisig address dont have one of it imported on node's wallet?
Yes, you can use signrawtransaction to sign it on each node. Please see this tutorial:
But second address privkey is not imported anywhere, I have it encrypted on my db engine.
Yes, you can pass the private key as a parameter to signrawtransaction, or use an external library to sign the transaction (MultiChain uses bitcoin's transaction format).