Issue multiple assets with different meta-data

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Hi, looking for some feedback on a scenario I'm trying to implement using multichain custom assets.

I want to issue multiple units of the same asset but each unit of the asset has a unique id.  What I've tried is to:

  1. Issue one unit of the asset as the base asset
  2. Re-issue additional units of the same asset with each new asset having an unique id added as part of the meta-data associated with the re-issue.

From an issuance perspective this works, the problem I encounter is that when I transfer an instance of the asset to another address, I can't track back to the issuing transaction for that instance to get the unique id assigned to that particular instance.  Form the unspent output of the transaction I can get the issuing transaction hash, but this is always the first issuance transaction, not the transaction of the re-issue that will contain the meta-data I need.


Is this by design on your part?  If the issuing transaction hash actually referenced the transaction hash that issued the asset then the approach I'm attempting would work.  If not then I'm forced to issue each asset under a unique name which will work but the assets will all be treated as different rather than instances of the same asset with different meta-data.


Your thoughts / comments on this approach would be appreciated.



asked May 16, 2017 by marty

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MultiChain's definition of an asset is something which is fungible, i.e. even if you have multiple issuances of that asset, all the units of that asset have exactly the same value and are interchangeable.

If you want to track the units of each of these issuances, they should be issued as separate assets.
answered May 17, 2017 by MultiChain