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Is it possible to have a shared asset or create an asset by multiple nodes working together which no one owns and if someone wants to modify the metadata everyone who participated in the creation of the asset must comply to do so on the chain? Like 2-3 nodes agreeing mutually to create an asset but a single node cannot modify the metadata.
asked Dec 28, 2017 by anonymous

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Yes, you can do this using a multisig to issue the asset, where the multisig represents the rules about who can make follow-on issuances for the asset, including those which update its metadata. The steps are as follows:

  1. Use addmultisigaddress to make the multisig and add it to the wallet of each relevant node.
  2. Ensure this multisig address is granted permissioned to issue assets.
  3. On any of the relevant nodes, use createrawsendfrom to generate either the first or follow-on issuance transaction, from the multisig address. Examples of how to format the other createrawsendfrom parameters:
  4. Pass the unsigned transaction through signrawtransaction on each of the nodes which owns the relevant addresses, taking the output of one as the input for the next, until the output says "complete" : true. (You can save one of these calls by passing sign as the last parameter to createrawsendfrom in the previous step.)
  5. Broadcast the signed transaction using sendrawtransaction.

Note that there's a bug right now in listpermissions when you list the per-asset permissions, whereby the multisig address is not shown correctly.

answered Dec 29, 2017 by MultiChain