Locked Unspent assets - released on restart

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I am preparing for atomic exchange of assets, and locking assets using preparelockunspentfrom.  but, the locks released automatically on the locked unspent assets on restart of the multichain. and i see no entries in listlockunspent..  Could you please suggest the workarounds to avoid this automatic release. Many Thanks. 

asked May 8, 2017 by saravana

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I'm afraid this is currently the intended behavior - the lock occurs in memory only and is not stored as part of the wallet's state on disk. If the node went down and came back up again after calling preparelockunspentfrom, you can simply call it again, and it will create a new locked transaction output with the right quantity.

answered May 9, 2017 by MultiChain
The locked assets are part of users "open orders"  in exchange kind of scenario..so, this data should be stored in disk..  and restarting multichain is done by the administrator who will have no knowledge about the assets being locked by the users..  Could you please include this request as an enhancement for the next release. Thanks.
The request is noted, and I hope you can find a workaround for now.
Have we implemented this.. saving the assets 'locks'  from memory to disk. so that this would be persisted even the node gets restarted.