Is there an API that lists the address for any given unspent locked asset txid?

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I can use listlockunspent to get a list of unspent locked asset transactions,  but this only returns a list of the txid's for the unspent locked assets. Is the an easy way to list the unspent assets associated with an address?  Or is there an API that given the address, will list the lockedunspent txid for the address?

I'm trying to avoid having to review every transaction to confirm the addresses associated with each unspent locked asset.


asked Apr 2, 2019 by rkottke

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Yes, see listunspent which can also take one of more addresses as a parameter.

answered Apr 3, 2019 by MultiChain
No, this doesn't answer my question.   listunspent doesn't specifically list the "locked" unspent transactions, which is my original question. Also, some of the txids that are listed in listlockunspent aren't listed in listunspent; not sure why that happens.

I guess another way to do this without an actual API or a parameter for address is to use listlockunspent to compare with listunspent <address> list and review the returned txid's for assets and quantities?

No, this doesn't work either as list listunspent isn't listing all of the txid's of unspent assets.

It would be great if you added an address parameter to listlockunspent that lists the locked assets for a given address
Yes, I meant to suggest intersecting the two lists from listlockunspent and listunspent with the addresses in question.

Can I ask why you are locking so many UTXOs in your application? Generally this is not something that's required and perhaps we can suggest an alternative approach.