Creating more than 100 nodes

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I have created 8 nodes using AWS instance. Now, to check scalability I need to increase nodes.

Due to limited funds, I cannot use AWS for creating so many nodes.

Is there any other way, some simulation tool like CloudSim(virtual machines that can act as these 100 nodes) which can be integrated with multichain to support more than 100 nodes for testing my network.

Any help is highly appreciated. I just need to check my blockchain application with increased number of nodes.
asked Mar 10, 2022 by Adi

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You can run multiple nodes for a chain on the same server, if you use the datadir runtime parameter to separate the directories for each one. For this trial we recommend you use version 2.2.1 beta 1 (available at the bottom of the download page) which has improved management of node connections.

Here's a further node from the development team about this:

A MultiChain node will try to connect to all nodes seen before - local or remote. In the case of local, it will try to connect to all ports it knows. But if it is already connected to some external IP, it will not try to connect to another node on the same IP. So, in the case of, say, 100 nodes on 10 IPs, it is likely that all nodes on the same IP will be interconnected and each of them will be connected to a single node on another IP.

This should still be good enough to test the performance.

answered Mar 10, 2022 by MultiChain