Balance lost after re-connecting to node

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I have two nodes (native asset) , i connect from one to the other node by using multichaind myxxx@123.456.789.0000:1234

For the first time i get all blocks and the node start mining and get rewards , also i can send between each node, but the problem is when i stop the server and i try to reconnect , balance turn to 00.0000 but number of blocks stay the same

if i have send and i try to reconnect i found only sent asset

balance lose rewards value

help please
asked Apr 29, 2017 by cercina
When you reconnected, did you do it from the same server that previously had the balance, without removing the files in the meantme?

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You can check the transactions list from "listaddresstransactions" json rpc call. Otherwise subscribe the asset so that you can check the particular asset's transaction details.

Let me know if there is any other way or cause for the issue. 



answered Oct 4, 2017 by shivap17