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I have followed the getting started tutorial and all worked, however when I sent some of the assets from server1 to server2 the transaction does not seem to confirm. Server1 shows the new balance when I run gettotalbalances, however not on server2. I do however see the new balance when I run gettotalbalances 0 i.e. it seems that the transaction is unconfirmed. Do transactions confirm automatically and if so after how long? Otherwise must I do something on server2 to confirm the transaction?
asked Apr 10, 2017 by cedmonds

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The most likely explanation is that mining has stopped, because of this combination of events:

  1. Your blockchain has reached the end of the 'setup phase' (defined by the setup-first-blocks blockchain parameter).
  2. Your blockchain has been configured with mining-requires-peers=true and you have not overridden this setting at the node level with the miningrequirespeers runtime parameter.
  3. More than one address has been granted mine permissions.
  4. Your node is not connected to any others (see getpeerinfo output).
If so, this is the expected behavior. It is designed to prevent a single node that becomes disconnected from the network from running away with solo mining. You can fix the problem by changing any one of the above conditions, now or for future blcokchains.
answered Apr 11, 2017 by MultiChain
selected Apr 18, 2017 by cedmonds