CREATERAWSENDFROM throws an exception when spendiong from a Multisig address

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Hio everyone,

I was testing multisignature in multichain as given in your tutorial in the link below:

It was notice that sending of asset from regular to multisig address works perfectly.

However, when sending from a multisig address to another address (could be regular or multisig), it throws the following exception.

MultichainException [
                      object=code :-1.0,
                      reason=message :  Invalid public key: address,

kindly help.



Note : I am using java library
asked Jan 17, 2022 by Meban
To help us understand this, you would need to post the full API call you made, the full API response, and the blockchain parameters. Please try doing this from the multichain-cli command line rather than this Java library.

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