importPrivKey synchronized false

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I was testing createKeyPairs api command, then importPrivKey with privkey returned and rescan=false, works like a charm.

When I list node wallet addresses it says in previously imported wallet syncrhonized: false, thats becase rescan=false.

My question is, this syncrhonized false will make that address fail to receive, send or make some kind of transactions?

My guess is that scan=true is only to check if that address was used on previous transactions, but im not sure.

I'm just trying to avoid the rescan=true delay, but if it will make the address fail in any way, I'll just do it.

asked Mar 29, 2017 by Max

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You're exactly right. The false value for synchronized only means there could be old transactions using this address which the wallet is not aware of. But any future transactions will be picked up fine.

answered Mar 30, 2017 by MultiChain