Loyalty Points Usecase

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Hi Team,

I have a usecase where we need to have 2 kinds of points for a blockchain user. One set of points which a user can redeem from a bank with actual money and another set of points which a user can just transfer to another user and cannot redeem the same. Any opinion how we can model this using multichain?

asked Mar 17, 2017 by amanc

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You would just model this with two assets issued onto the chain, representing the two types of points. "Redemption" is what happens when the asset is transferred to the bank which promises to give the user real money in return, so no special on-chain logic is needed for it.
answered Mar 17, 2017 by MultiChain
Yes I had also thought of the 2 asset approach only. But is there a way where we can restrict at the blockchain level itself that one asset can only be spent and another only can be transferred?
Spending an asset and transferring the asset are the same thing. But maybe you want a particular asset to be only be sendable to one particular address?
Yes only to one particular address will also work, how do I achieve that?
Hi Multichain Team,

Can you please update on my above query?
It's not currently possible to set receive permissions differently for each asset on the chain, though it's a feature we're considering adding in future.
Ok thanks for the information.