How to upgrade to Multichain Enterprise

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I have two questions.

1) How to upgrade to Multichain Enterprise?


2) If i upgraded it. Do I have to pay if i’m running the multichain Enterprise on local ( on my VMs) ? Cuz i’m doing research on Multichain.


Please I need the answer necessary  especially the second question cuz I need it for stream restrictions.
asked Nov 28, 2021 by musharraf90

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If you're just doing research and experimentation, you should use MultiChain Enterprise Demo, which provides all the functionality of MultiChain Enterprise for free, but is limited to the first 3 months of a blockchain's life.
answered Nov 29, 2021 by MultiChain
selected Nov 29, 2021 by musharraf90
thank you so much,
What do you mean by 3 months of a blockchain life ?
I just want it for research , it means just local blockchain not online or real blockchain. ( its only for research purpose)
For any given blockchain, the Enterprise Demo will work with that blockchain for 3 months after that blockchain was created.
After 3 months I have to create new blockchain right?
So the life cycle of each blockchain !!
but the demo doesnt have limit of time ? right? I mean After 6 months of usage the multichain demo, I can still create blockchain ! right!

Thank you so much
Yes that's right.