Sending an asset to an address with receive connect and receive permissions

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I have 2 wallet addresses. One has connect and send permissions, the other has connect and receive permissions.

When trying to send an asset from the first wallet to the second I expected this to work however I get the following error.

error code: -4
error message:
Insufficient funds, but there are coins belonging to addresses without send or receive permission.

I can confirm that the first wallet definitely has the asset of the correct quantity I am trying to send. If i adjust the permissions so they can both send and receive then the problem is solved however this defaets the intended point of the send-only/receive-only wallets. Is there a way to get round this whilst keeping this setup?



asked Mar 8, 2017 by kjc14f

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The first wallet also needs receive permissions to accept the 'change' in the transaction that it sends out. For example, it might have 10 asset units in a single unspent transaction output, and want to send 2 units to the other address. That means it also sends 8 units back to itself in the same transaction, and for that it needs receive permissions. We may change this situation in future, but for now if you're using assets (as opposed to only streams) an address will need both send and receive permissions to transfer those assets elsewhere.
answered Mar 8, 2017 by MultiChain
Okay brilliant, thanks for the help!