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can someone pls provide a sample to use the json-rpc thro http, a curl would be best, i am not sure whats the http port and where to find it in the configuration file

for eg, I am hoping there is some thing like

> curl -v <host>:<port>/<path> -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"method":"getinfo"}'

but i am not sure about what the default values are,

asked Nov 11, 2015 by mukundha

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First, please see this example for how to communicate with Bitcoin Core using curl:

MultiChain's API is backwards compatible with bitcoin's so this will be a good starting point.

The JSON-RPC port is configurable whenever you run multichaind, but its default value is set by default-rpc-port in the blockchain parameters.

answered Nov 11, 2015 by MultiChain
Thank you!, the default-rpc-port in my case was 2888