API no longer responds after 3 to 5 requests - Bug

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Hi Multichain team,

I think I just found a problem with the JSON RPC API.

I set up a Multichain in Docker with two nodes, I'm working on a project where I need to make some call to the API, the purpose is to perform operations on the chain. I noticed that after 3 to 5 calls (mostly 5), my application just freezes.

I tried with different calls (publishfrom, getmultibalances, even getinfo) and the problem stay the same.

To make it clear, I think it comes from the fact that clients keep the TCP connection open and there is no way to establish further connections.

When it happens, everything is frozen, no more response from multichain-cli, no more access to web demo or anything.

Can you help me about this ? Thank you

(I have a small console application available to reproduce the bug if you want)
asked Apr 27, 2017 by AntoineVht

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Yes, I'm sure the problem is because your client is keeping the TCP connections open. There is an rpcthreads runtime parameter (default value 4) that lets you control how many API connections can be handled simultaneously, so you can increase this if necessary. But can you explain why you'd want to keep the connections open?

answered Apr 28, 2017 by MultiChain
Thank you. I don't want to keep the connections open, this is not intended. So I'll see how to fix it :)
I closed connections and it works now, thank you. Also, I didn't find rpcthreads parameter at http://www.multichain.com/developers/runtime-parameters/ . Is it intended ?
There are many parameters inherited from Bitcoin Core that we haven't yet documented on the MultiChain site. We are trying to keep things simple for developers. We'll consider documenting this one in future if the issue you raise is encountered by main users.