Not a dev but want to work with Multichain, what role should I aim for?

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Sorry for being off topic. cant find any other multichain forums

Background: been working in IT support (mostly tier2) for about 8 years but want to work with blockchains. I have been playing with multichain for a while now, Installing, configuring, setting up and connecting nodes, creating and sending assets, assigning permissions etc.

I would love to work with this full time as I have a huge interest in decentralisation. I would like to work in the infrastructure side of things as I am not a developer by trade. Realistically, what role could I get? Should I be aiming for something like a Blockchain architect?
asked Mar 6, 2017 by tommy109

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There may be an opportunity in the market for helping companies work out the appropriate topology, permissions and governance model for specific blockchain networks. But I think at this stage it's probably a little early to make a whole career about that.
answered Mar 9, 2017 by MultiChain