Thanks. What is the purpose for using an extra XOR operation in creating the checksum?

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related to an answer for: Rationale behind multichain address design
asked Mar 4, 2017 by kakkoiiman

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It increases the number of possible namespaces for addresses, and this reduces the probability of an accidental namespace clash between two different blockchains. The whole purpose of the extended versioning in MultiChain (as compared with bitcoin) is to ensure that an application can't accidentally perform an operation on one blockchain which was intended for another.
answered Mar 5, 2017 by MultiChain
I can understand the purpose for the 4 byte version code is to increase the namespace size, but I don't see how this is related to having an additional XOR operation for the checksum using the address-checksum-value. How is this related?
The XOR on the checksum increases the number of namespaces by a further factor of 2^32.