Is it possible to natively implement "reselling fees" for assets?

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Let's say I want to use Multichain as trading-platform for licences:

An "author" creates a native asset X representing some licence and sells a unit of X to someone else on the chain for the native currency (or maybe even other native assets?).

Is it possible for the author to enforce a "reselling fee" so that he automatically receives a fraction of any resales of X on the chain?


To my understanding of smart-contracts and Multichain, this would require smart-contracts? Especially since this is such a loose requirement. (What's the amount of the fee: absolute, relative, a mix? Does the fee only apply to native currency trades or can it be applied to other assets? If so, how exactly? Can every author decide on the fee for each of his assets?)


I forgot to add: This request very much seems like the paragraph about Enforcing on-chain payments from your blog entry: I'd expect a transaction involving bound assets to simply fail if either party cannot fulfill the fee (pretty much in the same way as a regular transaction will fail if the outputs exceed the inputs)

asked Feb 28, 2017 by anonymous

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I'm afraid it's not currently possible to do this on MultiChain – it would require some sort of custom transaction filter (which we are looking into adding in future).
answered Feb 28, 2017 by MultiChain