get adresses true with multichain-node

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Hi! I'm starting with multichain and I want to get the public key of an address with the multichain-node wrapper but I don't know how to set verbose true when calling getAdresses. Thank you for your help
asked Feb 14, 2017 by Andres
I found when using multichain-cli on command line, you add parameters straight after the command, with spaces in between. So #getaddresses true. For listaddresses it would be #listaddresses * true because the first parameter is which addresses to list.

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You just pass the true parameter to the Javascript call that the wrapper provides.

answered Feb 14, 2017 by MultiChain
Thanks!, but my problem is precisely that. I don't know how to put verbose = true when calling getAddresses in javascript. Is there any way to get some examples about the multichain-API commands implementation? the test.js isn't very clear for me.
The examples in the MultiChain node.js library README file show you how to pass additional parameters:
I have same problem, pass parameters works without problem, but verbose parameter its allways ignored on rpc
The parameter may not be supported by this library, in which case try to send the request more directly.
I understad your reply like, "fy and look better way". Sincerely i hope an aswer like, "we solve this in next release" .
Sorry if I wasn't clear. This is an issue in this third party library which we are not responsible for, but you may want to contact its author.