How to connect multichain rpc?

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I have setup multichain in Oracle VM 6.0.4 using centos. i created a chain and in its config file I have put

rpcport = 9699

rpcconnect = (centos ip)

rpcallowip = (my mac ip)

listen =0

Then in my node app I installed "multichain-node" and try to establish a connection. But every time it responds with "ECONNREFUSED". What should I do to establish an rpc connection?
asked Jul 24, 2019 by karthik

1 Answer

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It looks like you may not be using the right IP address for rpcallowip, to represent the source of the API requests as they appear to the node. Why not start with rpcallowip= to allow all incoming API requests, in order to confirm this is the problem? Also be sure to restart the node with each configuration change.

answered Jul 24, 2019 by MultiChain