Need help to connect a HTML page with Multichain-node

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I am a newbie for Multi chain. I am creating supply chain PoC for supply chain using multiple platforms.

Do we have a demo/sample/steps to connect a HTML page to Multichain-Node?

I want to create a custom webpage. (I am able to run all the tests successfully)


asked Sep 24, 2017 by prmdmshra

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You might want to get started by looking at the MultiChain Web Demo (in PHP):
answered Sep 25, 2017 by MultiChain
Thanks for your prompt response!

I attempted running the Web Demo and have added the default.rpchost, default.rpcport and default.rpcpassword along after installing all the required components.

Could you please assist me running the entire web application?

Currently, I can view individual php view e.g. index.php by launching http://localhost/index.php after having placed all the files in /var/www/html/ folder.

Please advice if I am missing something?
If you can see the PHP code in your web browser, it means your web server has not been configured to process PHP files correctly. You can find a lot of information about activating PHP online.