Failed to get permissions for address: JSON-RPC error(-5): Invalid address: 17T.....MultiChain Explorer

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I get this error when i follow a link for an address on the explorer under asset holders. Any ideas
asked Feb 6, 2017 by makoya
Are you accessing multiple blockchains through the same Explorer?

And what happens if you use this address on the command line:

listpermissions * 17T...

Where of course you substitute 17T... with the full address.
I only have one chain.
On the terminal i shows appropriate permissions for the address, in this case it is the admin node.
OK, please post:

a) the output of getblockchainparams
b) the URL of the link which is generating that error
c) the debugging output shown if you uncomment these four lines in

print("PARAMS: ", params)
print("URL:  ", url)
print("POST: ", postdata)
print("RESP: ", resp)


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