Why does the MultiChain Explorer sometimes takes a very long time to load

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Nearly 50% of the time, I am able to access the Explorer. Are there alternatives to explorer or is there a way of optimizing it.
asked Feb 3, 2017 by makoya
Are you seeing the request logged on the command line when you open it in your browser? Is your chain doing a large transaction volume?
Are you talking about loading the sqlite database or loading the web pages?
my chain is not doing a large transaction volume.  I used the command :
nohup python -m Mce.abe --config chain1.conf &
The database seems to take time loading data to web pages. The set up is on a dedicated server with about 4gb ram, we do not yet have much traffic or transactions. Sometimes it loads fast. So I was wondering how I can optimise the perfomance.
Are you certain it is not an issue of Internet connectivity?
yes I am certain that its not internet connectivity because the server is hosted as a dedicated server, wallet.zimquants.com is the domain where i put the files, so the web server is always up but when I click link to explorer installed on the same machine, it takes time.
Can you profile the code to see where it is spending its time? Based on online documentation, please try running the explorer like this:

python -m Mce.abe -m cProfile --config chain1.conf

Then after a while, quit it, and see what profiling information is output on the command line. You may need to add some other options depending on the version of Python you're using.
multichain@softcard:~/multichain-explorer$ python -m Mce.abe -m cProfile --config alpha.conf
Error: unknown option `-m'
See `python -m Abe.abe --help' for more information.
Sorry - my mistake - you can't have two -m options.

The key is to find out where the Python code is spending its time, and for this it should be run under a profiler. The methods are documented here:


Since the explorer uses compiled modules, I think you will need to modify the source code to integrate the profiling into it.

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