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Hello! I think about opportunity of writing logs to stream on blockchain. I have a wordpress website and a plugin that allows to issue tokens, send tokens and exchange them. I would like to put logs for all transactions into blockcchain so even if mysql becomes compromised we can restore db using backup and prove the actuality of data using logs that were put into stream. Another usage of stream could be putting there some data, for example terms of crowdfunding campaign and current progress. But it also could be done using logs.
So any idea of how to best enable auto logging from wordpress to stream?
asked Jan 28, 2017 by lazbog

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You just need to write some PHP that is triggered on the appropriate WordPress event, and writes to the blockchain using the MultiChain API. You can see an example of PHP code that controls MultiChain in the web demo:
answered Jan 29, 2017 by MultiChain
selected Jan 29, 2017 by lazbog