Multichain web wallet with Wordpress integration

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Hi there! I want to build prototype on Wordpress with crowdplatform and multivendor marketplace. Since web demo is written on PHP I think it should be pretty easy to integrate it's functionality: send token, issue token, write critical data for crowdcampaign (conditions for example) to blockchain. Basic usecase: we have a company that produces fresh-roasted coffee and they want to perform crowdinvesting. So they issue coffeecoin and start their campaign. Users can buy this coffeecoins and start to use them right away i.e. send, buy coffee and even trade on another coins that are available on platform from another users.

I plan to have three separate servers. One will host blockchain, another will host explorer and third one will host wordpress with web wallet. The question is - what is the most secure and yet simple way to integrate Web demo to Wordpress so it could serve as true decentralized and fault-tolerant wallet, that could be exported, restored using mnemonic and etc? I do not want to store private keys on my server, I would prefer to use stream so even if mysql becomes compromised, attackers would neither know which account hold coins nor have an access to them.
asked Jan 27, 2017 by lazbog
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There is no quick and easy answer to this question. You are talking about key management, which is a broad field that applies both to blockchains and other situations in which a private key secures something important. MultiChain makes it easy for you to store the key external to its own wallet, but beyond that you need to think carefully about where you will store this key and how you will access it.

The best practice we're aware of so far is for the key to be stored in the user's browser, protected by a password, in a similar manner to what do for bitcoin. You can also store a backup of it on the server, but only in encrypted form, where only the user knows the password, and not your own systems.
answered Jan 30, 2017 by MultiChain
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There is such a thing as "Wallet plugin" for wordpress. It is not exactly what you need, because it works with "native bitcoin coins", not with "multichain issued assets", but it can be modified to use multichain api.
answered Nov 14, 2018 by albabosh