View the data through Multichain Explorer

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I am new to multichain, I am trying to using a stream to store hash value as a key.

I have installed the Multichain Explorer, however, no any data can not be showed on the stream through Multichain Explorer. I only can view the data by using the command "liststreamitems [stream name] " to view the data.
asked Jan 6, 2017 by anonymous

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There could be a few causes of this:

1. Did you follow the instruction to set autosubscribe=streams in the MultiChain runtime parameters?

2. If you're using MultiChain alpha 27, did you start your blockchain with protocol version 10006? The Explorer does not yet support the latest protocol, as explained in the README.

3. Are you using a recent version of the MultiChain Explorer?

answered Jan 6, 2017 by MultiChain
Firstly, thank you for your attention to this matter. I am using MultiChain alpha 26.

I am not sure the steps that correct or not:
1.  multichain-util create chain1
2.  multichaind chain1 autosubscribe=streams
3. multichain-cli chain1 create stream stream1 false
4. multichain-cli chain1 subscribe stream1
5. multichain-cli chain1 publish key1 HEX-value (That's what I want to view by Explorer)

On the explorer side, I see there were a lots blocks and transactions, only the Streams is "1",  click in it, Stream Name is "root", however the Stream Items is "0"
I have tried to redo all the steps, however the result still the same.
I can see two problems in what you posted above:

* In step 2, it should be -autosubscribe=streams (extra hyphen)
* In step 5, you need to include the stream name in the publish command

But it seems in general you may not be checking the responses from your API commands, and the 'create streams' in step 3 is probably failing. That would explain why your blockchain only has the 'root' stream, which is there by default when you launch it, and not the stream you created.