Transferring assets

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How does one transfer an asset from one node to another? I presume asset here is an "alphanumeric" word. Where in the commands do I give this alphanumeric word and get it added to the blockchain?
asked Aug 12, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer

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When you launch node A you will be given an address for connections.

So on node B, use that address:

multichaind chain1@

You will then see a message like this:

Please ask network admin to let you connect and/or transact:

multichain-cli chain1 grant 1FYGNwDvThGvPC8kEoaDsuWV5TNdKebXgAZ1J5 connect
multichain-cli chain1 grant 1FYGNwDvThGvPC8kEoaDsuWV5TNdKebXgAZ1J5 connect,send,receive

So on node A, grant the permission so node B can connect:

multichain-cli chain1 grant 1FYGNwDvThGvPC8kEoaDsuWV5TNdKebXgAZ1J5 connect,send,receive

Back on node B, you can now launch multichain:

multichaind chain1@ -daemon

On Node A, let's make an asset and transfer it to node B:

multichain-cli chain1 issue 1A2wdhVs4KduhKMxEKKxrGNwEnsdhayJaVawMY euro 1000

Then you can send using the name of the asset:

multichain-cli chain1 sendassettoaddress 1FYGNwDvThGvPC8kEoaDsuWV5TNdKebXgAZ1J5 euro 100

answered Aug 12, 2015 by MultiChain