KYC usecase

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What could be the best way to model KYC usecase using multichain? In KYC, typically you keep the details of the customer which different entities can use for verification. 

1. What could be the best way of creating this customer database - creating an asset for each customer or should we create an address for each customer?


asked Dec 6, 2016 by amanc

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This is not about moving assets around, so in a general sense you should use MultiChain streams for this kind of use case. Each entry in a KYC database consists of three things which map to a stream item as follows:

1. Who the entry is about – some kind of identifier goes in the key of the item.

2. What is being said about that entity – this goes in the data of the item.

3. Who is saying that thing – this is the publisher of the stream item, who digitally signs it.

Nodes which subscribe to the stream can then query for all items relating to a particular entity, using liststreamkeyitems.

answered Dec 6, 2016 by MultiChain