Multichain Backup and Restore

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Hello. We are testing different scenarios for backup and restore. We would like to try the following:

  • Restore a chain to a new node (by using the full backup / restore directory method) - This works fine.
  • We would like to then clone this chain to a new "name" using the clone feature - This works fine.
  • We fire up the cloned chain - This works fine
  • Inside, the streams present in the original restore and not present in the clone
Basically our question is (that may go against the secure principles of Blockchain):
  • Can we backup a chain, restore it to a complete new node and rename the chain while all streams, items and keys within the backed up chain persist?
asked May 25, 2021 by MightyRydra

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Using the chain clone method only copies the parameters, not the chain contents.

I'm afraid it's not possible to fully rename a chain and all of its contents – the name is 'baked in' to the blockchain itself.

answered May 26, 2021 by MultiChain