Minimal (full) backup

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Are the following files, folders sufficient to backup
- wallet.dat
- params.dat
- blocks folder (excluding: revXXX.dat files and  blocks/index folder)

 to start recover a node with -reindex=1 -autosubscribe=asssets,streams as parameters.

(I do not care about multichain.conf and peers.dat)

My first tests worked well, but just to be sure...

What are revXXXXX.dat files? Are they needed? I even was able to reindex the blockchain without the rev-files. But I am not sure about their purpose.


Btw: which file holds the information of the subscribed assets, streams? Or is this implicitly stored by the files in the wallet folder?



asked Apr 26, 2018 by Alexoid
edited Apr 26, 2018 by Alexoid
To help us answer this question, please clarify whether you are expecting to be able to recover the blockchain contents from other nodes in the network, or whether you want this to work even if this is the only node.
Hi. The recover should work without knowledge/need of other nodes (even if there were other nodes in the network).

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Yes, if you start node with -reindex=1 -autosubscribe=assets,streams, the node will be recovered if you backup only

- wallet.dat
- params.dat
- blocks folder (excluding: revXXX.dat files and  blocks/index folder)

But this way you will subscribe to the stream/asset you was not subscribed before.

If your node has different IP address, you may need also to backup peers.dat. Otherwise you will not be able to connect to the network without specifying other node's address explicitly (using seed/-connect/addnode API, etc.)

If other nodes are in the network and your node has the same IP, you don't need blocks folder either.
answered Apr 29, 2018 by Michael