In a roundrobin - if I set mineemptyrounds to 1 what will happen?

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This doesnt make sense to me, could please explain what is expected behaviour?

3 nodes
2  nodes (A,B) are  mineemptyrounds 0
1  node (C) is mineemptyrounds 1

A,B - nothing to mine - does it wait?
When it's the turn of C, does it simple adopy mineemptyround and pass back to A?
asked May 15, 2021 by MaSsv

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First, if the nodes have different values for mineemptyrounds, this suggests that this is being set in the runtime parameters for each node (which override the blockchain parameter mine-empty-rounds). While this is permitted, it is not particularly recommended, since if mining nodes have different settings for this, they will end up waiting for each other anyway.

In the case you have shown above, A and B will wait if there is nothing to mine, which means that C won't get a chance to apply its policy, since it can't mine to complete a round until A and B have done so.

answered May 16, 2021 by MultiChain
selected May 24, 2021 by MaSsv