Disappearing assets

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I have encountered the following problem with a blockchain (Multichain releases 24 and 25) set up on a number of Fedora VirtualBox guests:

If a node of a chain issues/receives any assets while the VB guest hosting node has NAT and Host-Only adapters enabled and then it switches to Host-Only and Bridged adapters enabled, all the assets held in its wallets appear to be wiped (checked using gettotalbalances and getmultibalances). However, if the guest switches from NAT and Host-Only adapters to a Bridged adapter, the problem does not occur.

Have you seen something similar before?

Best wishes!
asked Nov 3, 2016 by chemeng

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It's very unlikely that changing some networking settings will affect the content of more wallets. More likely is that you're somehow running multiple copies of MultiChain, and your API requests are going to different copies based on your networking settings. Or something along those lines.
answered Nov 3, 2016 by MultiChain
Would you be able to advise me on how to verify your explanation?
I have looked through the files in .multichain folders on the 3 nodes I am using and I haven't found any obvious aberrations.
You can use getaddresses to check which node you're really connected to, because each will have different addresses in its wallet.