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I have built a new blockchain and modified the params.dat

"first-block-reward" : 5000000000,
    "initial-block-reward" : 5000000000,
    "reward-halving-interval" : 210000,
    "reward-spendable-delay" : 1,
    "minimum-per-output" : -1,
    "maximum-per-output" : 100000000000000000,
    "minimum-relay-fee" : 1000,
    "native-currency-multiple" : 100000000,

Then i started mine, and rewarded many native currency.

"balance" : 9150.00000000

When i wanted to issue a new issue, it told me something wrong

error code: -5
error message:
Invalid amount

What happened? didn't i have enough native currency to pay for the transaction fee?

asked Aug 8, 2016 by Energo

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This error message is not related to the fee. It means only that one of the API parameters has wrong value.

Most likely you didn't specify native-amount in the parameters at all. We suggest to specify native-amount explicitly in all APIs in blockchains with non-zero native currency.

If it is not a case, please post "issue" command
answered Aug 8, 2016 by Michael
selected Aug 11, 2016 by Energo
Hi, Michael

I still don't know which parameters is wrong.
Cloud u give me an example for the parameters? And it can working properly.

Something like this:

multichain-cli <chan-name> issue 1N1s7udcuUjpHFuDPVVg6ri5ihrTQjGpTw2cE9 asset02 1000000 0.01 0.01

Please run
multichain-cli <chan-name> help issue
for details.
Non-zero "native-amount" should be specified explicitly for blockchain with non-zero minimum-per-output and minimum-relay-fee