Can multichain node and enterprise node run on the same network?

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asked Feb 23, 2021 by anonymous

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Yes, absolutely. Please see the page below for a feature comparison:
answered Feb 24, 2021 by MultiChain
Hi yes, I understand the differences between the features. Perhaps I made a mistake calling it network, I actually meant on the same chain. I am wondering what happens when a node installed with enterprise version is using enterprise version only features, eg. end-to-end encryption while the other node on the same chain is running community version which have no access to the same feature. How will that affect the community node? Another example is the use of "read restriction". A stream with read restriction created by an enterprise node will be protected against reading by community node?
Yes, you can use them on the same chain.

Regarding your specific questions, end-to-end encryption (in terms of the low-level P2P connection) requires an Enterprise node at both ends. See the onlyencrypted runtime parameter. But end-to-end encrypted read-restricted stream content can pass through a Community node as a relay.

As for read-restricted streams in general, only Enterprise nodes can read and write to them, and the content is not viewable to Community nodes. But Community nodes can create read-restricted streams and manage their permissions, filters, etc...