Connect to the multichain

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Hi I have a front end application to manage assets. And have a separate digital ocean machine to handle the multichain. Have tried to connect the front end application from local and which points to digital ocean machine.

Have added the param rpcallowip=  in the multichain.conf file and restarted the blockchain. But not able to connect from the local machine through the front-end application. but when I added the param as

rpcallowip=  am able to connect.  can you please help me to fix this?


asked Jan 25, 2021 by shivap17

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The rpcallowip needs to grant explicit access to the IP address of the application server which is sending the API requests to MultiChain. An address like is for a local network and is not the address that the server will see on the incoming API requests. Try visiting from the application server to see its IP address from the outside world's perspective.

answered Jan 25, 2021 by MultiChain