High CPU usage

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I'm working on a blockchain project which requires me to create a prototype.

Now I'm running 2 MultiChain nodes (master and explorer) and basically I'm using only master to interact with the application.

On master node i have almost 2000 wallets (getnewaddress) and I'm able to control balances betwen thoses wallets as well as send coins between them.

On this scenario, I could note that master node is consuming extremelly high CPU usage.(around 85%)

Is it possoble to known the limitation and required spec to handle a cases wich expect to have 3000 users interating with the system?
asked Sep 15, 2016 by Katase

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Unless you are doing a very high load of API requests or transactions, the reason for high CPU usage is usually the mining proof-of-work, which is superfluous in a private/permissioned chain.

If you start a new chain with the parameter target-adjust-freq=-1 (this requires a recent version, for which it is also the default), this problem should not appear.

Please let us know if that does help and we'll look into it further.

answered Sep 16, 2016 by MultiChain
Thanks for your answer.
I hope it's ok, but not sure since I build a new one.

I will keep you updated if the CPU increase again.
Great, thanks.
Seems the chain looks stable now and no high CPU usage so far.

Thanks !