How multichain sync all the nodes to keep in the same pace?

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For Bitcoin, the block time is 10 minutes. Thus, Bitcoin has a scheme to change the difficulty of the cryptographic puzzle to keep the block time at 10 minutes. Others can easily check whether the puzzle has been solved or not.

For multichain, I am not sure whether it can achieve like this since multichain works in a round-robin approach. For example, if I set block time to 15 seconds, one block should be generated every 15 seconds. How can you ensure every node will follow this 15 seconds interval? What if a node is controlled by a malicious user and it broadcasts its block before 15 seconds if it is eligible to propose the next block. Thanks a lot.
asked Sep 13, 2016 by lyjleuch

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Yes, one malicious node can broadcast its block too quickly. But it doesn't do any harm because it will then have to wait its turn (according to the round-robin scheme whose leniency you set with the mining-diversity parameter) before it can broadcast another one.

answered Sep 15, 2016 by MultiChain
Thanks a lot for your reply. Does multichain really have a time interval of blocks like 10 mins or the eligible nodes broadcast their block immediatelly when it is their turn? Which approach  the multichain use. Thanks :)
There's a target-block-time setting in the blockchain parameters, and all well-behaving nodes aim to make that the average time between blocks. But this is based on an intentional delay rather than the time it takes to find a hash.