Problem with the reconnection to an existing node

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I am working on a project where i have installed multichain on a Virtual Machine and created a blockchain by following the "getting started with multichain". Everything works fine until I turn off the VM , when i try to connect to the blockchain using this command " multichaind chain1 -daemon " it shows Node started as it's supposed to do but when I try to send a transaction it says "insufficient funds" which means i don't have the rights to send ,which is weird knowing it's the node that created the blockchain and it worked just fine before turning off the VM (I've tried to grant send receive admin rights to the node from another admin node but it seems like all nodes loses their rights although in listpermissions it appears that they all have the rights )


So  I've deduced that maybe when i try to connect to the blockchain the second time(after turning off and on the VM) i am actually creating another node with no rights.


I have realized that it happens when the ip address or the port number change. So i have created a local network with pined the address : it worked for a while (1 time after turning OFF/ON) and then it's stopped ("insufficient funds").

Am I doing something wrong?


tl;dr : Is an internet connection necessary to use Multichain or a local network can do the job?


         Do I have to pin the ip address in order to be able to connect to the blockchain from the same node?


         What should i do to reconnect to an existing node if the ip/port changes?
asked Sep 2, 2016 by seifed

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If you're running multiple nodes on the same server, are you sure you're starting and connecting to the one you're expecting? Take a look at the datadir parameter as a way to manage multiple nodes safely on one server.

answered Sep 4, 2016 by MultiChain