Just installed, created node but get error when connecting from other node

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I've done a clean set up 3 times, Started the 1st node, but when coonnecting I'm getting this error:  (HELP PLEASE)...


MultiChain Core Daemon build 1.0 alpha 23 protocol 10005

IO error: lock /home/______/.multichain/chain2/permissions.db/LOCK: Resource temporarily unavailable

ERROR: Couldn't initialize permission database for blockchain chain2. Probably multichaind for this blockchain is already running. Exiting...


Any hint please?
asked Aug 28, 2016 by anonymous
Are you running the nodes on the same server?
Wha'ts your setup? 2 computers? or Virtual Environments?

1 Answer

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Do you have the required access levels (permissions) in the directory...

Try with "sudo multichaind chain -daemon" .
answered Mar 4, 2017 by saravana