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Dear MC team,

I have a network with about ten miners (in round-robin style) and some full back nodes.
I have to face the following matters:
- periodically some miner are switched off for maintenance
- the miners must be addressed by host name because their address could change

I cannot use a connect command because I'm not sure which of the miner is up and running at one moment. 
Besides even if the connect command is succesful, if the server is switched off then the connected node will be unplugged from the network.

My idea is to add a crontab command (executed every day or on a periodical basis) as the following:
multichain-cli <chain_name> addnode $(dig +short miner_1_hostname):<port> add
multichain-cli <chain_name> addnode $(dig +short miner_2_hostname):<port> add
... and so on

I used 'dig +short hostname' because in MC 2.0.1 using addnode hostname instead of ip address seems to cause a crash.

Could you please comment my solution?

asked Nov 25, 2020 by Fabio

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Recent versions of MultiChain don't allow domain names at all, in order to solve that crashing problem. So, yes, your approach is certainly the recommended one.
answered Nov 26, 2020 by MultiChain