Not able to query list items by a key

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Hello, I am running a multichain chain node for the past 4 months, I have some data on a stream which has multiple keys added to it, today I added another key to the data, now I am not able to query with the new key although the key shows that items have been indexed using list stream keys.


recipt-chain-1: liststreamkeys btu pb-004002                      

        "key" : "pb-004002",
        "items" : 1,
        "confirmed" : 0
recipt-chain-1: liststreamkeyitems btu pb-004002


these are all the keys currently on the data, except for the current key I can query with all the other keys, even if I switch the position of the last three keys I am still not able to query with the new key.

  "keys" : [

however, if I switch the key to first place it works, Is this a bug or I am doing something wrong?

Node details:

"version" : "2.0.2",
"nodeversion" : 20002901,
"protocolversion" : 20010,


asked Nov 22, 2020 by DarkBlaze

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This is indeed unexpected behavior. Would you be willing to stop the node and send us a copy of the blockchain directory, so we can take a look at what happened?
answered Nov 22, 2020 by MultiChain
The blockchain contains some confidential data, let me check for any legal issues, if I send a video, showcasing the particular problem will that be of any help?
It won't help so much, we would need to look at MultiChain's files to understand what is going on. For a start you could also just post the output of decoderawtransaction for the problematic transaction, so we can examine that. You may also want to consider stopping the node then restarting with the -rescan option – this will reindex the subscribed streams.