Stream synchronization among multiple nodes

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In my test enviroment, I install two multichain nodes. I create a stream and grant read,write permision to every node. When both nodes are online, everything is ok. After I write to stream on either one , data will be successfully synchronized to the other node. But if I stop one node, write data to the online one, then bring the down node up, the data will not synchronized to the stopped node. I wonder this is by design or there is some configuration to to this. In my opnion, stream should hold identical data in stream among several nodes and should be failsafe.
asked Sep 23, 2020 by Max

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Of course the stream data should certainly be synchronized to the down node when it comes back up, since the blockchain is synchronized, and the stream data is determined by the blockchain's contents. I can think of two explanations for why you're not seeing this:

  • The synchronization is in progress, because there is a lot of data or a large number of blocks. You can check this by using getblockchaininfo on both nodes.
  • The nodes did not manage to reconnect, probably because they are on dynamic IP addresses so could not find each other. You can check this by using getpeerinfo and fix with addnode.
answered Sep 24, 2020 by MultiChain