How can I share transactions or trigger activities among multiple blockchains?

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In the white paper of MultiChain, "A further benefit of supporting multiple blockchains is the ability for a server to create connections between the activity in different chains. For example, an institution may want the arrival of funds on one blockchain to trigger a corresponding transfer of funds on another."

In that case, MultiChain seems to have a lot of very attractive features. As I read the white paper, I have some question.


When I create multiple blockchains on one system, how can I share transactions among those blockchains, or link/trigger activities between different blockchains? Should I use a specific API? Or is there another method or function?


In case of 'permissions-based mining', if 'mining diversity' is zero, then do the nodes participating in the blockchain network mine new block through the proof-of-work hashing in bitcoin-style?


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asked May 24, 2017 by Ilhun

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If you want to make connections between the activity on multiple chains, you need to take care of this at the application level – it's not currently built in to MultiChain. For example you can use the walletnotify runtime parameter to trigger a script when a transaction arrives on one chain, which calls the API to do something on another chain.

If you want to use proof-of-work mining, you need to set anyone-can-mine=true, then set the parameters for the native blockchain currency as well as target-adjust-freq as appropriate:

answered May 24, 2017 by MultiChain
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