Ordering of transactions

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Hi Team,

How does multichain maintain the ordering of transactions? For example there may be two transactions - one transferring asset from node1 to node 2(Tx1) and then node2 transferring the same asset to node3(Tx2). But due to network lag, there is chance that Tx2 is first collected by the miner and then it receives Tx1. So what will happen in this case, will Tx2 be rejected because node2 will not have the required asset balance at that time?

asked Jul 28, 2016 by amanc

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Transactions which depend on other transactions not seen yet go into the "orphan pool" inside the node, and are not yet suitable for including in a block. Once the dependencies are resolved, these transactions enter the "memory pool", where they become a regular new transaction which can then be included in a block.
answered Jul 28, 2016 by MultiChain
Is there anyway to change the order of transactions?