Can you share details of scaling to very large numbers of asset types?

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I have a similar situation and expect the amount of asset types to be in the millions.  Still ok for MultiChain? You refer to workarounds available in the process of being documented - can you share already some insights?

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asked Jul 19, 2016 by Jean Wallemacq

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Wait for the next alpha of MultiChain which has a fully scalable wallet built in. This will handle the millions of transactions containing asset issuances much better. Should be out by the end of the month.
answered Jul 19, 2016 by MultiChain
Thank you for your answer.  My question is very specifically about dealing nicely with millions of *asset types*, either at time of issuance, and later, in the general functioning of the blockchain.  Do I understand correctly that next alpha will provide good performance in the whole lifecycle of assets?
Let us run some tests on the latest alpha and get back to you.
Thank you! Awaiting your feedback.
Yes, it's possible to issue millions of assets without any problems, and the new wallet will let you do so at a rate of 100-200 assets/second. But some caveats:

a) It's not yet viable to hold all these assets in a single wallet, so you should issue them to the wallets of different nodes.
b) There's a bug we discovered in the current version of MultiChain (alpha 22) that can cause a crash when issuing large numbers of assets rapidly. We've already fixed it and the fix will appear in alpha 23.
c) With millions of assets the memory consumption of a node can reach 600-800 MB (due to multiple database caches).
Thank you for keeping us posted! The caveats you mentioned are not "show stoppers" for us ;-)